Flow Minders

Flow Minders

Monitor Gun Drilling Coolant Flow Safely Reliably, Accurately with MAGNA-201, an ideal, electronic and visual magnectically actuated flow indicator. 

What it does
Prevent tool damage, scrapped parts and generally minimizes hazards to personal and equipments.

What is needed
Change in the flow may cause out of tolerance holes, broken tools or poor tool life.


  • A pointer moving over a colour coded scale indiacates cooant flow.

  • Adjustment is provided for setting at any flow rate up to 20 GPM. The pointer shows this settings and variations in a flow as they occur during operation.

  • The setting may be made so that the electrical switches will activate at points representing up to 40% under or over flow rates.

  • Easy Installation

  • Install directly in your coolant supply line. Easy to follow instruction included mounted onto a solenoid value available on request.

Design Features

  • Reed type hermatically sealed switches.

  • Oil tight compartment and terminal box. 
    May be installed in any position without adverse effect on operation.

  • Colour coded scale with marked switch point

  • All ports have ½” BSP internal threads.

  • Electrical connection is through 3/8”cable gland.

  • Compact, only 10 cms.(W) x 15 cms. (H) x 20 cms.(D).

  • Maximum operating pressure 2000PSIg.

  • Switch rating (max) 230 V, 50 Hz, 100 mA.

  • Toggle switch included to bypass electrical.


  • Fluid - Oil 68 SSU aprox

  • Fluid flow rat - Settable up to 20 GPM

  • Max system working pressure – 2000 PSI g.

  • Electrical rating – 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 100mA

  • Inlet ports and outlet ports – Two ports each with ½” BSP internal threads.

  • Max Weight – 3.1 Kilograms.