Pneumatic Proximity Switch (Air Catch Sensor)

Pneumatic Proximity Switch (Air Catch Sensor)

Multi-Tech make back pressure sensing pneumatic proximity switches (Air Limiter) model PPS-01 provides electrical signal through change over contact. These pneumatic proximity switches actuates on the backpressure developed by the air jet impact on the object such as dimensioning, positioning, and working surfaces. It is also known as Part Seat Check Switch.

The distance sensed by this switch is generally dependent on the profile of the surface. This typically being 0.01-0.15mm.

Technical Data

  • Port Size - 1/8'' BSP, Internal Threads

  • Fluid - compressed air, filtered to 5 microns

  • Supply Pressure - 2 to 3 kg/cm2 (Regulated)

  • Sensing Nozzles dia - 1mm

  • Sensing Gap - 0.01-0.15mm

  • Ambient Temp. - 5 to 60°C

  • Electrical Contact - 15A, 230Vac.